The Moonlights

The Moonlights is an inspired collaboration between songwriters Rachel Loshak and Dean Jones. It all began in the winter of 2016 with just the flash of an idea taken up together in joyful spirit – and now, with their distinctive yet complimentary styles of music, the duo has created a stirring and deeply satisfying collection of beautiful, quirky songs for all ages.

The sophisticated and spare musical arrangements shine, beginning with the hypnotic opener That Light, the beautiful and rich harmony in Colour of Leaves, the haunting French horn pillows on the pastoral waltz Ah, The Moon and Jones’ homage to William Shakespeare, Peaseblossom. Rachel and Dean are joined by many special guests, including Justin Lansing and Joe Mailander of The Okee Dokee Brothers.

Whimsical, evocative lyrics convey the wonder and appreciation of our natural world, often with a little humor.

“My mother was a glacier. My father was a mountaintop. And when they got together, they made me.  I’m a rock.”

The music is a sonic painting with many instruments/colors, including guitars, marimba, English horn, recorders, organ pipes, strings, mbira, trombone, French horn and bass. Layers of beautiful voicings bring close the messages of each of the songs.

“The geese, they fly in the morning. The geese they fly at night. A “V” that flies across the sky until it’s out of sight.”

Dean Jones

Dean Jones has been creating music for families for many years as a solo artist and with the successful band, Dog On Fleas. He has produced many successful children’s music artists including Frances England, Elizabeth Mitchell, Gustafer Yellowogold, also including multiple Grammy Nominated albums in the Best Children’s category, as well as the Grammy Winning Can You Canoe? by The Okee Dokee Brothers. Dean works with the children’s label, Spare the Rock Records, on compilations for causes. Their most recent release is Let All The Children Boogie: A Tribute to David Bowie, benefiting the It Gets Better Project supporting LGBTQ youth.

He lives in New York’s Hudson Valley and works from his famous hand-built, straw bale “No Parking” studios - all without running water or internet.   He is a kind father and has a dog named Trooper.


Rachel Loshak

Rachel Loshak has been writing and performing original material for 20 years as a singer/songwriter/bassist. She has performed and collaborated on projects with Norah Jones, Moby, Natalie Merchant, Chris Ballew and many more. Rachel is partner to Morgan Taylor, creator of Gustafer Yellowgold, having managed that project for many years on their label, Apple-Eye Productions

 She also enjoys family life in upstate New York, which includes a guinea pig named Cinnamon Buns.